Best Nutri Ninja Reviews 2017 Step By Step Buying Guideline

Best Nutri ninja reviews will be very helpful for you to know about the real quality of a blender. Finding the best Nutri ninja blenders are not as much as easy you’re thinking. Because of there is coming everyday one new model in the market. So it has become difficult to put the trust on a specific brand.

Anyways, the rise and popularity of blenders are growing day by day. Not surprisingly, this has become one of the top need appliances for the kitchen now. Moreover, nothing could be better than while you’re making and consuming drinks in your own blender which ensures a nutrient packed smoothie.

My Recommended Top 6 Blending Machine in Nutri Ninja Reviews

Best Nutri ninja reviews

If you are tired of searching the best brands of blenders then read my nutri ninja reviews. You will get a fair idea about the best quality and features you should have. I would like to mention here during research, I highly emphasize on the capacity and materials. This always matters a lot for any kind of kitchen appliance.

Best Nutri Ninjas:

  1. Best Nutri Ninja Auto iQ BL482
  2. Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL201
  3. Ninja Professional Blender & Nutri Ninja Cups BL660
  4. Magic Bullet Nutribullet 12-Piece Blender
  5. Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771
  6. Nutri Ninja Pro BL456

Nutri Ninja Auto iQ BL482

Nutri Ninja Auto iQ BL482

Auto iQ comes to help people in a great extent. It designed especially for people who want to make smoothies without any fuss or any hassle.

Further, it comes in great help mostly for busy students and professionals so that they can work quickly and correctly without wasting a single minute. To talk about the structure it has a solid base with suction cups underneath.

As a result, it can prevent shakes and wobbles during use. In addition to this Auto iQBL482 is a 1000 watt multitasking quality machine. The stainless steel blades can speed up to 21,000 rotations per minute.

Performance of Auto IQ BL482

At the same time it can grind, it can chop, it can it can shred and it can blend as well. Each of the different sized cups helps you to choose as per quantity. Though it works smooth but the drawback could be you can’t process a huge amount at a time.

However, best Nutri Ninja Auto IQ has blades of four prongs as like two facing down and two facing up. The blades are very sharp. They are significantly thicker than the traditional blades. Hence, they ensure more durability and efficiency. There includes a rust proof coat for a longer service life.

This unit has specifically a large 32-ounce cup, a regular 24-ounce cup, and a small 12-ounce cup. All the cups paired in this are BPA free. Rather nutri ninja pro compact system with auto-iq has three sip and seal lids that prevent leak and spill.

If you want, you can also use these blending cups as a portable smoothie holder. Well, of course, the cleaning procedure is a time of the second and don’t require any extra efforts. You can clean or wipe the base with a damp cloth as well. Here mentioned in the best nutri ninja reviews all the lids and jars are dishwasher safe.


  • Strong motors, has all the capacity of blending even frozen ingredients.
  • Small size so will fit in most kitchens.
  • Amazing for making single served smoothies.


  • A little bit loud.
  • Include short warranty.

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL201

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL201

In my best nutri ninja reviews Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL201 is the second name I want to talk about. A multi-purpose kitchen appliance has frozen blending to create creamy smoothies. When people are purchasing a blender that only designed for crush ice that price, there you’re getting a full multi-purpose blender.

In spite of not having, a variety of blending cups, still it is in the competition as a magic bullet. Whereas you can use it for making knead fresh cookie and pizza dough, you’ll surely appreciate it. No worry, the using mechanism is very simple.

Try to lock the jar into the base by twisting it to the left. The loose part of the lid uses to activate the blender. For this tap it lightly, hold it down. Then, see the unit will blend steadily.

Performance of Ninja BL201

In this addition, best nutri ninja BL201 uses the total crushing technology. As a result, it is possible to create smoothies and drinks, make pizza dough and make even milkshakes with its help.

As it has a 550-watt motor, so it can handle any fruit or vegetable thrown into it. It is also possible to make delicious Italian ice in it. Thus, it allows the blades to pulverize fruits, ice, vegetables in seconds.

Here in it, there are a number of different blending containers. Consequently, you can choose any of the containers according to the recipe you’re preparing. Afterward, it equipped with a large 40-ounce processing bowl and a tight fitting storage lid.

In a word, ninjaBL201 wins without a doubt for making smoothies. It comes with better blade design and more power thus it makes better smoothies.


  • It can knead fresh cookie and pizza dough.
  • Deliver unbeatable professional power with blades.
  • Blast ice into snow in seconds and blend ingredients into sauces.


  • You can’t simply turn it on and walk away for a moment.
  • Blades could fall out during removing lid.

Ninja Professional Blender & Nutri Ninja Cups BL660

For a digital machine, motor capacity matters a lot. Fortunately, best nutri ninja BL660 uses an 1100 professional performance power motor. It considered the most noteworthy feature of the Ninja BL660.

In this addition, the high-powered blending capacity allows crush, puree, blend or process just about anything. For this reason, it can transform ice into snowy flakes with ease.

Performance of Nutri Ninja BL660

Not only ice but also any frozen fruits and vegetables are compatible with this machine. Well, you just need to fill it full of frozen fruit, different kind of greens and vegetables and just watch.

If you follow properly, all the instruction mentioned in the best nutri ninja reviews, you can work quickly and effortlessly. Alongside Ninja Professional Blender BL660 has a great performance of chopping food without blending them.

Thus, it is quite a relief of using pitchers that are of BPA free quality product. Nevertheless, it helps keep your family safe from the toxic effects of BPA contamination. Anyone will like the base lock, the tall and stylish pitcher with the easy fit lid.

On top of that, it is very easy to clean machine especially for those who use it daily.

Besides the blender doesn’t leak or spill so easily thus you can’t face the mess up in the surrounding areas. In particular, the big 72oz pitcher acts well using as a food processor.

In opposite the small cups is not less as they are great for grinding grains like flax seeds. The blades are removable so no more scraping the bottom of the blender.

Additionally, you will need to release the lid, pull out the blades and see how easy it is the removal of the mixture. You will also find in my best nutri ninja reviews it is an eco-friendly product.


  • Plastic cups and bowls are BPA free and dishwasher safe.
  • XL capacity allows you create creamy, frozen, smoothies for whole family.
  • It is durable and uses the most powerful motor.


  • Blades are very sharp, so it is quite dangerous but be careful.
  • Few customers claimed it has a poor design.

Magic Bullet Nutribullet 12-Piece Blender

Magic Bullet Nutribullet 12-Piece Blender

The thing that makes Magic Bullet nutribullet blender different is the more individualized container system. Especially this blender designed for those who got a very less time for preparing salad pulverizes fruits every day. It is very useful when you and your family members like different type’s smoothies and shakes. Here requires no extra rinsing and cleaning in between.

Performance of Nutribullet

The nutri ninja reviews inform you there is no need of using additional cups of glasses in it. Because of here, all the blending cups fit well into the screw on blade. Once you done blending up your salsa, food or frozen treat you can easily remove the food from the base and blade.

As a result, you can attend your next blend one after one. Further, in nutria ninja pro reviews there are five different colors available. Pick any of your favorite one. In this nutri ninja reviews you’ll also get to know the Nutribullet blender feature a 600-watt motor with high torque power. Because of this, your food will blend more smoothly and effortlessly.

Well, the multi-system package is offering one flat blade, one tall cup, two short cups, one emulsifying blade etc. Along with these two re-sealable lids, a pocket nutritionist, a complete manual, and recipe also come with the package.

If you ask what can do with this blender, I would say it could perform multi-tasking. Therefore, it can pulverize your ingredients in a smooth consistency and allows all the necessary fiber to remain.

Another great thing is the addition of two blades instead of just one like other models. In fact, it’s different cups ensure the less washing up between the smoothie making the session.


  • It easily grinds flax seeds or coffee beans.
  • Take only seconds to prepare and seconds to clean.
  • Require low maintenance.


  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t crush ice, yet don’t feel bad to add frozen fruits.
  • Blender has nice power but the single blade leaks 95% of the time.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771

Ninja Mega BL771 is very popular in taking a chunk out of the high-end blender market. In nutri ninja reviews, this is another addition of multi functional blending system.

Luckily, you are getting so many elements in just a single device. Likewise, it serves as a purpose of a blender, a food processor, a smoothie maker, an ice crusher and a vegetable chopper etc.

Besides it, also come with a large 72-oz blending pitcher, a smaller 3-cup mixing bowl and one 8-cup food-processing bowl.

Performance of Ninja BL771

In this addition, the system provides two single serve blending cups in their own blade. Therefore, all the jars constructed with durable, BPA-free and dishwasher safe “San” plastic. This obviously proves it has enough capacity. That is typically much more than any other single mixing jar you had with most high-end blenders.

This Mega Kitchen System BL771 uses a high powerful motor of 1500 watts, which is approximately 2HP. Forthwith the quantity of food it can process within few seconds perfectly.

On the positive side when you have frequent guests coming over to your place the performance of this food processor will give you a great favor to this extent.

In particular, the noise comes out of this device is surely less compared to other food processors. Since most of the powerful food processor comes in a larger you’ll surely surprised to have such a compact design.

The nutri ninja reviews also let you know you’ll get a 1-year warranty to replace any parts of the device.


  • Provide professional performance and power.
  • Handle limitless tasks in seconds let you focus on cooking.
  • Allow you to mix effortlessly 2 lbs of dough in 30 seconds.


  • Small cavities of the pitcher might collect water and cause difficult to clean.
  • Blades might break after few days.

Nutri Ninja Pro BL456

Nutri Ninja Pro BL456

Nutri ninja pro BL456 comes from the Euro-Pro Operating LLC family. Therefore, the brand uses a very innovative technology. And the technology inspires to make delicious and healthy drinks at the convenience of your home. In this case, it is another easy to serve option to my nutri ninja reviews.

The machine is simple to operate. Though it is not a juicer, yet they provide vitamins and nutrient extractor. To operate this blender you just need to fill the cup with your ingredients below or up to the max line. Next screw the blades on the cup, turn it around and just press the cup to pulse, here you’re ready to go.

Performance of Ninja Pro BL456

The device uses a high torque power of 900-watt or 1000-watt and 21,000-RPM motor. Particularly the high-powered motor is a great safety measure. Whether the device gets overloaded no wonder, the motor will stop. The motor is a slightly bit noisy. Henceforth the noise is tolerable like a normal blender. You can use this nutri ninja pro reviews to crush ice very well in the drinks.

As well as, it is perfect for shaving ice or making various frozen desserts. You can make decent nut milk from a variety of nuts with it.

It is sufficient to make a creamy drink with liquid added smooth smoothie or whole juice. Further, it enables to produce a simple variety of salad dressings, vinaigrette, dips, and sauces.

In particular, if you want to knead dough in it, it doesn’t design of this purpose. So if you need, you can make quite decent pancake batter and cookies.

Besides the nutri ninja reviews mentioned it is not for very tough vegetable or smooth puree. In that case, it is able to chop quite well. It can turn all type of nuts into very good nut powder.

As well as it is good at powdering herbs, oats or coffee beans.


  • Provide you powerful nutrient and Vitamin extraction.
  • Extractor blades crush through ice, skins, seeds, stems smooth.
  • All the cups are BPA free and dishwasher safe.


  • It is a little bit difficult to clean the blade attachments.
  • You have to hold it down to operate it.

Things to Consider To Buy Best Nutri Ninja

No matter whether you want to go for a personal blender or a traditional but always make sure you got the highest blending quality.

Being a new user, you’ll face many difficulties to identify the best blender in the market as a home appliance. In this regard, I tried to bring some best blending machine models in my Nutri ninja reviews 2016. Lets’ have a look below-

Motor Power                                                                                      

It is obvious that the more the speed of the blender the smoother your drink will be. Additionally, it’s assume that blender of 1000 watt or higher motor performs well in the long run of service. It depends on the motor actually how well it blends the hard ingredients.

There only a few powerful motors that allow liquefying raw carrots pulverize seeds or flax preserving hundred percentage nutrients in the veggies and fruits you blend. In this regard, more power symbolize better flavor with less sip and chew.

Dishwasher Safe Parts

It is necessary to know whether your food processor is dishwasher safe or not. Either it supports or won’t is a hassle to clean.

In this case, choose such type of model that allows you remove blades to cut down on washing up or dishwasher safe parts. It is advisable to read few Nutri ninja reviews thus they let you know which models are dishwasher safe or which are not.

Built For Daily Use

There are many everyday use blenders, which allow you daily use. Otherwise, few blades are kind of because of everyday use the blades become dull. In particular, those appliances are good enough that costs a little more but performs magically.


Sometimes, capacity matters a lot. Notably capacity varies from one smoothie/person cups to 2-liter volumes. If you want a food processor for a small family or personal case then one smoothie cup is appropriate for you.

Either chooses the large cup size to go for the larger quantities or a single one that affords the option of a larger cup.

Ice Crushing

This feature is one of the most common features from standard jug blenders.

Besides few personal Best Nutri Ninja blenders also often, offer this. If you wish to use your blender to whip up cocktails or frozen smoothies, you can look for this type of appliance.

Sometimes it happens you’re going to crush ice in your blender and ends up with a sorry mix of slush and cubes. Thereby before reach, any final decision you can read once my Nutri ninja reviews. Thus, I hope, that will help you a lot in this case.

Speed Setting

With higher speed, you’ll be able to blend anything quite well. Some comes with two-speed settings where Nutri bullets have a one-speed setting. Along with speed setting a “pulse” settings boast up your blending ingredients.

Moreover, a turbo speed, a pulse setting, and a regular speed describe where it will work for frozen fruit, skinned vegetable or liquefy ice.

Material Used

If you search, you’ll get to know few blending cups made of normal plastic, few are BPA-free plastic and glass. Usually, all the mini blenders made of BPA-free plastic where larger jug blenders made from glass materials.

Larger Pitcher

Generally, larger pitchers are good for making meal replacement smoothies. From at least 40-ounces to a 64-ounce capacity considered best for this purpose. Afterward compact blenders usually have smaller, personal sized pitchers in the range of 24-ounce that is great.

Price (Affordable/Costly)

It is a common nature; we always try to get the best product at a reasonable cost. In above I mentioned about six magical best Nutri Ninja blenders in my nutri ninja reviews. All of them made by trusted brands and significantly offering a good warranty. It is rather very common to pay a little more for having a higher-powered appliance stands with more features.

Extra Cups

Many brands are available there who are offering extra blending cups in a variety of sizes. Moreover, extra cups are helpful when more than one family member is in a rush and needs to have smoothie early in the morning.

Final Verdict

As I mentioned above most of the Nutri ninja blenders are from popular brands that never compromises with quality. They are dealing in the market for a long time.

Therefore, you’ll also get to know what the real users said about their real life experience in my Best Nutri ninja reviews from So from their experience you’ll get a chance to realize will they work for you too or not.

As a final point, all I want to say think less and get started any of these Best Nutri Ninja blenders. Then share your experience too so that others also get a chance to try from your recommendation.

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